Errors you can expect and how to perform error handling.

Our endpoints will specify error responses specific to them in the API Reference, but you can expect any of these common error codes in general:

HTTP StatusCauseSolution(s)
400 - Bad Requestthe request you sent is invalid or has a format error.check error message to get more details on where is the problem, review the documentation for the endpoint you're trying to use to check you're sending the right values.
401 - UnauthorizedAuthentication is required but API key is missing, was revoked, or the associated user or organization were disabled.Ensure you're sending an http header "Authorization" with an API key as "Token ". API keys never expire but it could be revoked by an administrator or by generating a new one.
Verify the error message to find more details.
403 - ForbiddenThe authenticated user (associated to the API key) doesn't have enough permissions to perform the requested operation.
This could also indicate API access is not enabled for your account.
Verify the error message to find more details. Verify the user associated to the API has access to the resource, has an access level that allows the requested operation, the resource belongs to your Organization, or that the feature you're trying to access is enabled for your account.
404 - Not FoundThe resource you're trying to access was not found.Verify the url you're using is matching the endpoint documentation.
Verify the resource id is valid and the resource wasn't deleted by you or other user in your Organization.
Note: sometimes a 404 is used when a resource exists but belongs to another Organization for security reasons.
429 - Too Many RequestsYou (or your Organization's users) have performed too many requests in recent period of time.Reduce the rate of requests made by your application,
ese the "Retry-After" to automatically retry when appropriate, see Rate Limits for more details.
5xx - Unexpected ErrorsSomething went wrong on our end.These are rare, but integration builders can perform retries with exponential backoff.
Check our status page for incident reports.
Contact [email protected] for more help.