Integrate with the Ratings Platform

Get the most out of our powerful security ratings data and services to make your organization safer!

With easy-to-understand letter grades, assess your organization's information security control weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities throughout your supply chain ecosystem.

Break down your assessment according to risk factors:

Application security Leaked information
DNS health Network security
Endpoint security Patching cadence
Hacker chatter Web application security
IP reputation

Analyze our actionable security issue findings that continuously impact your score and security posture.

Unlock all the capabilities of the Ratings API

Use the same ever-evolving metrics and insights that drive our platform in ways that benefit your unique organization the most:

  • Pull our data into a SOC, BI tools, or any reporting or GRC system you use.
  • Customize and display data in dashboards, reports, or other formats and platforms that support your daily operations.
  • Automate actions that will help your team respond faster to security events.

To better understand the possibilities, learn how our partners integrate with Ratings.

Connect threats with digital assets using Attack Surface Intelligence API

With Attack Surface Intelligence, directly query the data lake that powers our Ratings platform, so that you can:

  • Track how assets around the world, or in your own organization, are connected to threat actors, ransomware attacks, and other malware campaigns.
  • Find out which CVEs on your assets, or the assets of your third parties are being actively exploited on the internet.
  • Learn about breaches; leaked personal information; assets with malicious reputation; MITRE ATT&CK adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs); and more.