Build apps with SecurityScorecard!

Join us in our mission to make the world a safer place!

Build apps for our Integrate360° Marketplace, and help security teams respond faster to important security events by keeping them informed, automating their workflows, and empowering them with new capabilities.

You also expand the reach of your developed solutions by integrating them, not only with SecurityScorecard, but with potentially thousands of other apps, platforms, and services.

Learn what your apps can do

You can create two kinds of powerful apps with SecurityScorecard.

Action apps

Create apps that drive workflow automation with rules, where events trigger actions, such as Add to portfolio or Share Report. Or integrate actions declared by any installed apps.


actions made available by user's installed apps, distinguished by their app logo

If your app declares a new action, endpoints in your app will be invoked...

  • During rule edition, for example, to display options in the rule builder
  • When a step using your action is executing

Signal Apps

Create apps that enrich Scorecards with additional security signals.

SecurityScorecard collects different types of signals and interprets them as security issues that impact an organization's security posture. Your app can introduce new signals that provide data points and perspectives for both self-monitoring or ecosystem risk monitoring.


an example signal after installing a new app, including the app logo

Signals that your apps collect differ from Security Scorecard issue types in several ways:

  • They do not impact scores, and their severity level can only be INFO or POSITIVE.
  • They are not captured in Scorecard event logs or detailed reports.

Our signals API lets you send new signals in near-realtime, specifying any internet domain, which we then attribute to specific Scorecards in their Digital Footprints.

Start building!

To get started integrating your apps into Integrate360° Marketplace, see these topics:

  1. Build a simple app in five minutes - Quickly learn the tools and basic process to build, deploy, and publish a simple app in Security Scorecard's Integrate360° Marketplace.
  2. Create your production app - After getting familiar with the fundamentals, use detailed guidance to create unique apps that will provide the most possible value for SecurityScorecard users.