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Integrate with the world’s most comprehensive source of cybersecurity data using SecurityScorecard's APIs.

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Put SecurityScorecard data at the heart of your business operations.

SecurityScorecard’s robust Ratings API offers direct access to actionable data to power the workflows that drive your business forward. Tap into a wealth of Ratings data that can be pulled into a SOC, BI tools, or any other reporting or GRC system you use. Our API is available so that any company can develop new or integrate existing services to work with the SecurityScorecard platform. The Ratings API provides a powerful, convenient, and simple way to interact with SecurityScorecard Ratings data.

Scale Your Risk Management Program

Advanced API functionality and deeper insights enable you to continuously monitor changes in your own cyberhealth as well as the security posture of all vendors and partners in your third-party ecosystem

Flexibility to Visualize SecurityScorecard Data

Customize and display data in dashboards, reports, or other formats and platforms that support your daily operations. Use the data to automate actions that will save your team’s valuable time and effort.

Leverage Your Existing Tools

Operationalize SecurityScorecard into your workflows and existing tools to do more with better data and less internal manual effort.