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Here you'll find quick steps to get you started, but if you get stuck here are some ways to get help:

Step 1. Get an API key

We use API keys to authenticate requests. You can request yours at My Settings > API.

If you are an administrator we recommend you to Authenticate using a Bot User instead, as they let you create multiple API keys you can manage that can be associated to your organization or specific applications instead of being associated to a specific person.

API keys do not expire and are almost as powerful as passwords so be sure to keep them secure! Don't share them publicly, in chat or email, in your source code, in a browser client-side, etc.
Once you obtained one you should only store them in your application secrets.

Note: After you create your API key you can insert it in the Authorization header to send requests to endpoints. Make sure to do the following in your requests:

  • Precede the key itself with the Token prefix and a space.
    Example: Token 1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1a
  • Remove chevron symbols when you enter your key.
  • Make your domain letters all lower case.

Tip: To revoke your personal API key, simply generate a new one. Administrators can also revoke API keys for any user from My Settings > Users

Step 2. Make a test request

Once you have an API key you can start using endpoints by sending it on the Authorization header. Note: it's important you add the Token prefix (with a space) before your API token.

curl -X GET \ \
  -H 'authorization: Token <your API key>'

the response will look like:

  "entries": [{
    "name":"[email protected]",

And you're on your way!

Our API reference includes, for each endpoint, code samples in different programming languages, and lets you try the endpoint directly (click the "Try it" button).
You can try the one above here: Get all portfolios you have access to

What’s Next

Alright!, now you're ready explore the Resources in our API, or go straight to some Code Samples